Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I don't know which is worst iPage or BlueHost....

IPage are totally incompetent and their server is down every 2 days.
In the last 3 days I have spent over 19 hours trying to convince them their server has a problem. 

Only look at this transcript:

IPage: Hi Petria, how are you today?
Petria: not so great.
Petria: I have problems with your server
Petria: I reported this problem also yesterday
Petria: it is intermitent
Petria: do you know what intermitent means?
IPage: Yes.
IPage: What exactly seems to be the issue?
Petria: how can we diagnose this kind of problem?
Petria: I have an exe file
Petria: uploaded here:
Petria: the users reported in the last days that they get incomplete downloads.
Petria: indeed TODAY, about 40 minutes ago I also got two incomplete downloads
IPage: Let me check.
Petria: I got them yesterday also
Petria: at 16:51 today (my time) the download had only 12.8 MB
IPage: Yes, I tried and the file downloaded already.
Petria: then again only 6.4 MB
Petria: what size?
IPage: The download is depends on your Internet connection. You can contact Internet Service Provider to check issue.
IPage: There is no filesize limit to download.
Petria: I never said that
IPage: If small filesize means download immediately. Otherwise it takes time.
IPage: The download is not incomplete.
Petria: I never spoke about time/speed either
IPage: Okay.
IPage: I can understand.
IPage: Yes, I am sorry.
Petria: do you understand my problem?
Petria: do you have technical expertize to help me with this?
IPage: You are saying that you can see file size difference right?
IPage: Yes, I understand your inquiry.
Petria: Good I got fucking pissed about it!
IPage: Petria, I am really sorry about this issue.
Petria: I keep contacting you in the last two days and I gut bull shit answers like the one above
Petria: > You are saying that you can see file size difference right?
Petria: God! yes, finally!
IPage: No, I cannot see filesize difference.
Petria: I got different sizes
Petria: I made 9 downlaods in the last hour
IPage: I can see filesze 13.5 MB is downloaded.
Petria: over 50 in the last 2 days
Petria: and I keep telling you there is a problem, but your support stuff is too incompentent to understand this
Petria: and don't tell me is my ISP
Petria: I got reports from users!
Petria: they are all over the world
Petria: please let me know if you still think is my isp or we can continue
Petria: I can send you a screenshot with my donwnloads
Petria: to see the size of each download
Petria: and I also have some emails from customers
IPage: Yes, please upload a screenshot to account and let me know filename
Petria: the problem started 2 days ago when your server was down
IPage: Okay.
IPage: I can forward issue to technical specialists to check it. Can you please provide us a screenshot?
Petria: i already sent one yesterday, but I will do it again. anything to convince you that your server got into a glithc two days ago
IPage: Please send one now. I can access it and check.
Petria: Desktop Wallpaper Changer/screenshot.PNG
Petria: or
Petria: Desktop Wallpaper Changer/screenshot.PNG
IPage: Let me check. Please hold on.
Petria: this is yesterday's screenshot.
Petria: Desktop Wallpaper Changer/yesterday.png
Petria: again... IPS problems is aout of question since I got reports from users.
Petria: I also have this reproduced in a diff computer 
Petria: so. it is not local and coincides with your server failure 2 days ago
IPage: yes, I am checking it. This need to be check by technical specialists. Let me create a support ticket. Please hold on.
IPage: Thank you for holding.
IPage: Our technical specialists will be investigating further on the issue. I have also hand over all my findings to that specialist. You should be hearing from them within 2-4 hours.
IPage: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Their 'specialist' did fucking nothing! More chats like this to follow. No solution from iPage.

So, I tried to convince them to give my money back but the refuse to say what it the procedure, how to apply for a refund.
I am moving to BlueHost now.

A big and sincere FUCK YOU


Monday, September 2, 2013

BlueHost sucks

I have tried last week to purchase a Pro hosting plan from BlueHost. I was in a hurry so I was looking for a dynamic and professional company. Their web site was saying "instant setup" so I happily took my wallet, paid the 120.2$ and waited to the magic to happen.

I waited a full day to receive my login. Instead, I got AFTER A FULL FUCKING DAY an email saying that my application is incomplete. They asked my scan my Credit Card and send it to them. WTF?  Anyway, I done it. Next day, seeing that I get no answer, I contact them to see what's going on. 'The next operator will be available in 15 minutes.' WTF? 
After waiting more than that I get to speak with someone: 'Wrong department. Please hold while we transfer you'..... WTF? Finally I get a real human to speak with. They told me they lost my email (the one with the credit card). So I need to scan it again and send it over. 'We will contact you later'.
It was already late Saturday in USA and they DON'T offer support Sunday. I was prepared to buy yet another hosting from a different company. As backup. In case BlueHost screw it.
After waiting another day, they slap me hard again:  they asked my ID also. So, yet another day for them to process the new document and YET another day to receive the answer: "Your application has been rejected and the account deleted. Your charge will be refunded in 7-14 days!"

They got from me my money, a copy of my credit card and my ID (god knows how they will use it). I got nothing! Fuckers!

Conclusion: stay away from BlueHost. Go to a real/professional hosting company!