Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to configure EurekaLog to send bugs via email

Email sender settings in EurekaLog v7

SMTP Server [1] SMTP client [3] Simple MAPI MAPI Shell (MailTo)

Can attach the ELP file Yes Yes Yes [2] Yes [2] No
See sender's email No [4] No Yes Yes Yes
Email client software* Not required Not required Required Required Required
Chance of success This has the highest chances among all e-mail based methods

Has HIGH chance to succeed IF user has email client installed WinMail and Outlook only

Can tell if the email was successfully sent? Yes? Yes Yes? Yes No

1 - Many antivirus products will flag your EXE as virus

2 - if "Append bug report text in the message text" is UNCHECKED

3 -
Typically, you should use either SMTP server or SMTP client, but not both methods simultaneously.
Bugged in EurekaLog v7.4.8.0 RC 1 - Error code = -2146885613 - The revocation function was unable to check revocation because the revocation server was offline. Maybe because: “Currently EurekaLog supports AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN authentication methods”?

4 - could be enabled via SetUserEMail function)
* If required: Email client must be installed and properly reconfigured. User must to click on "Send" in their e-mail clients. Automatic send without user actions is not possible. 


Please note that EurekaLog v7 is also plagued with several serious bugs! I contacted the producer but he didn't bother to reply until now.

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